Who we are

ch centre is a charitable centre that operates as a non profit, independent organisation. Project of CH centre Metro Muhammed haji memorial Dialysis Scheme was formed on the 27th of November 2020 dedicated to provide dialysis treatments to the needy. The centre was inaugurated by Gifri Muth Koya Thangal in the presence of distinguished guests. The first dialysis was done in 30th november . The centre has currently 10 beds and is being used in three shifts - 6.30 AM, 11.30 PM and 4.30 PM. Each sitting take a minimum of four hours . We have highly experinced two main nurse and also highly qulaified other three nursing staff. In addition we have 5 technicns and 15 other volunteer staffs. The dialysis centre is located in Mothers Hospital.

What we can do?

Our volunteers .

“Charity does not decrease wealth.” Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W)


Student / Joined May'16


Student / Joined May'16


Student / Joined May'16


Student / Joined May'16

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Our Aim

The aim is to serve poor patients in India, enabling them to live active, dignified and healthier lives. CH Center is able to carry out its work on ground due to the generosity of its donors. Its largest supports are individuals who donate to the elder cause from their hard-earned money. We can't help everyone, but everyone can hlp someone.